Q.: I've lost my registration. What should I do?
A.: Contact our customer service using online form. Please specify your registration data (name, e-mail, number of licenses). We will resend your registration data via e-mail.

Q.: What conversion ways does the Free M4A AAC OGG WAV MP3 audio converter support?
A.: Free M4A AAC OGG WAV MP3 audio converter allows to convert:
• convert aac to m4a
• convert aac to mp3
• convert aac to wav
• convert m4a to aac
• convert m4a to mp3
• convert m4a to wav
• convert ogg to aac
• convert ogg to mp3
• convert ogg to wav
• convert wav to aac
• convert wav to m4a
• convert wav to mp3.

Q.: Does  Free M4A WAV to MP3 Converter preserve audio tags (such as title, author, album, track number, comments)?
A.: Yes, if the source and target formats support these tags, Free M4A WAV to MP3 Converter will copy the information in them.

Q.: Where can I download soundfonts?
A.: For example here: pages.videotron.com/mikev/realfont.htmwww.sf2midi.com , www.geocities.jp/shansoundfontwww.bismutnetwork.com/10Music/Crisis/Soundfont3.0.php ,
www.personalcopy.com/sfarkfonts1.htm and of course in Google!

Q.: How do I decompress (convert) a .sfArk file to .sf2?
A.: You will need to install sfArk.