MP3 Joiner, MP3 Merger - Join MP3, Combine MP3, Merge many MP3 files into one MP3 file.

How to join audio files to mp3 with MP3 Joiner:

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Start MP3 Joiner

To start the merge process, double-click the Magic Audio Joiner shortcut on your Desktop.

After the program starts, browse to the location where you have the mp3 files that you want to join. For example, here we go to C:UsersPublicPublic MusicSample Music, where we can find some sample mp3 audio files.

Take your mouse and drag over the mp3 files to select them. Then drag them to the middle part of the window (where it says Drag audio files and folders here).

The window is populated as shown below.

Next, you can enter or modify the tags on each input file. For example, you could type a different artist name, title of the song, album name, year, genre or comment.

If you are curious about what a song sounds like, use the audio player controls to play the song on your system.

Finally, set the output options, such as what MP3 Joiner should do if the output file already exists, where to save the output file, the format of the output and the quality.

For merging/joining files, be sure to select the Insert silence check box and also enter the number of seconds for the pause between tracks.


You can click  to access even more options for the output file: mode, quality, sample rate, bit rate, filtering and more.

When you have specified all of the options, click  to start the merging process.

The MP3 Joiner tool displays a progress window to show you what it’s doing.

You can specify an action for the computer when the merging process is finished.

After the process finishes, click to return to the main program.

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